Kerry Miller

Mental health is a key topic for our generation to address, yet there is still a taboo around it. I would champion mental health awareness by working to remove the stigma. This is something that should come from the students, so I would campaign for training society committee members in mental health first aid.

The people you live with can have an immense impact on your well-being. I would work on both combating loneliness in halls by working with Residence Life, and supporting students moving in to private accommodation by working to push back the date letting agents begin to encourage students to sign for houses.

Academic assessment should be fair to all students and appropriate to all individual ways of learning. I would lobby the University on adapting group work, and other assessments, to ensure testing is fair.

The seating space in the Students’ Union is insufficient for all the students who use the space to work and take their lunch break. I would work on making additional welcoming spaces, such as the venues.

Postgraduates make up a large proportion of the student body, yet often feel disconnected with the Students’ Union. I would run a postgraduate ‘surgery’ to give postgrads the opportunity to address matters that affect them.

Single-use plastics are one of the greatest ecological issues facing our generation. I would promote a sustainable Students’ Union by encouraging students to opt for reusable options, reducing plastic waste.