Luke Hawtin

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto. However, they decided not to take up Forge on that offer

During my time as both a participant in and President of union societies I have identified elements which can be changed in order to improve the enjoyability and accessibility of all societies. To this end, my campaign promises are as follows:

A FAIRER ROOM BOOKING SYSTEM – I will implement a system where societies can more easily access the space that they require, and more clear and intuitive appeal system for conflicting bookings. Societies will be able to apply for certain requirements to ensure they get the space they need for their society to function.

REWARDING INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES – I will create a rewards system for societies which show outstanding commitment to inclusivity. Twice a semester, societies will be able to win prizes ranging from society-wide discounts to nights out at the union for their work in ensuring their society is accessible to students of all backgrounds, ages and beliefs.

MORE LOCKERS – I will ensure investment in more lockers for all societies, as many currently lack access to suitable storage.

TAILORED ASSISTANCE – I will help societies avoid unnecessary costs by providing assistance and information on companies to use for promotional materials, tours and socials.

SPONSORSHIP SUPPORT – I will provide a better network of support to societies, helping facilitate sponsorship negotiations between local businesses and union societies, and backing societies during sponsorship disputes.
– Luke Hawtin