Mayeda Tayyab


Hi! I am Mayeda. I am an international student, currently the Chair of Sheffield SU Women’s Committee and doing a Masters in International Criminology.

I am running for SU Women’s Officer (who is also responsible for other underrepresented groups as well) because I want to make our campus safe, supportive and accessible for ALL students, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, disability status, nationality or religion. In order to achieve this aim, I want to work on three main areas, addressing a wide range of issues.

If elected, I will work on:

Consent and Abuse:

  • Expanding consent and relationships education.
  • Developing anonymous support system for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Challenging student-staff misconduct: how valid is consent when one party is in the position of power and has responsibility over the other?

Campus Safety:

  • Tackling Racism, Misogyny, LGBT+phobias, Disableism and Islamophobia: did you know our Student Advice Centre is the Hate Crime reporting centre?
  • Doing anti-racist and anti-fascist activism.
  • Street safety: we have the right to feel safe on our streets anytime!

Union Liberation:

  • Health and welfare fit for our most marginalised students.
  • Making our campus accessible.
  • Joining the nationwide campaign asking “Why is my curriculum so white?”

My experiences include:

  • Chair of Sheffield Students’ Union Women’s Committee 2017/18.
  • Steward at Reclaim the Night Sheffield 2017.
  • Former International Student’s Representative at Mental Health Matters Society.
  • Trustee at Sheffield Students’ Union.
  • NUS National Conference Delegate 2017/18.