Melinda (Mel) Acquah

Hi! I’m Mel and I’m a final year History student.

I’m running for the Women’s Officer position this year because I wholeheartedly believe that Women, BME, LGBTQ and Disabled students should feel empowered. I will fight for women’s rights to remain at the forefront of the SU, be the voice of underrepresented students and ensure that our University is a comfortable and inclusive environment, where you all feel welcome during your time at university.

If elected, I aim to:

  1. Increase support for existing systems such as the women’s minibus to ensure women continue to feel safe across campus.
  2. Provide more safe spaces where women from all backgrounds can come to voice their concerns, knowing they will be heard and taken seriously.
  3. Push for wider knowledge and recognition of the issues women continue to face.
  4. Stand against any form of hate crime or discrimination towards people from any background including Sexism, Racism, Homophobia and Islamophobia.
  5. Give greater support to Women of Colour, Disabled, LGBTQ, Mature and International Women students.
  6. Expand our University outreach to help more women in vulnerable positions in Sheffield by working with established charities and institutions.

As the Sheffield Labour Society’s BAME officer and the 2018 NUS Black Students Conference delegate, I have represented the underrepresented and used the platforms to promote their voices. I’m also a caseworker for Assist Sheffield, a charity helping destitute asylum seekers, which has exposed me to and helped me to better understand the intersectional and complex problems vulnerable women face.