Omolara (Mollie) Badmos

Feel jolly with Mollie

The Sheffield Students’ Union is already outstanding. In my three years at this University I have observed relevant and considerate improvements. If elected as the SU’s 2018/2019 Welfare officer, I would take great pride in maintaining and improving the numerous things we love about our SU. Whilst many students enjoy their time here, I would like the opportunity to address why this may not be the case for some demographics and individual students.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto video. However, they did not take Forge up on the offer

I plan to create and improve lines of communication between students – through the SU – and academic departments. I aim to work towards students and departments identifying and understanding the differences between healthy and unhealthy levels of stress. I will work with departments to empower students with the information to identify indicators of stress impacting their mental health. This is important for the general wellbeing of students, enabling them to get the best out of their university experience both academically and in other areas.

If elected, I would campaign to highlight the existing University Mental Health and Support services such as SAMHS. These helpful services are available but students either don’t know about them or are hesitant to use them in fear that their reasons are invalid. Students deserve to know that whatever it is, it’s a good enough reason.

I’d also like to offer students free tea and biscuits during exams, because we all deserve a little treat during stressful times.

We can all feel jolly if you vote for Mollie!