Roopika Ravikanna

Hi all,

This is Roopika Ravikanna, doing Masters in Robotics. I am originally from India and I moved to Sheffield a couple of months ago. The main reason which motivates me to contest in the SU Officer Election for the post of an International Student Officer is to give back to the University of Sheffield, which has helped me develop into a stronger person physically, mentally and emotionally. I consider the University’s greatest strength to be its diversity of students. It is by far the most inclusive place I know in terms of gender, race, nationality, capabilities, religion and beliefs. If given a chance to represent the Sheffield SU as the International Students Officer, I promise to keep up and deliver the following.

  1. Preserve and Protect the rights of International Students and promote inter-cultural activities by means of events and campaigns.
  2. Address Health and Safety concerns faced by International Students through free advisory helplines and awarness programs.
  3. Maximising and developing facilities within the University to enable the International students follow their cultural practices.
  4. Standing up for all and any exisiting/upcoming social or political issues involving International Students and ensure fairness and equality for them during their term in the University.
  5. Ofcourse in addition to all this, making their study period in Sheffield, the most memorable of all times by encouraging them to take part, have fun and explore the rich heritage of the city with the guidance of the lovely native students.