Sarah Morse

When voting for Sports…“May the MORSE be with you”

I’m Sarah Morse and I’d be delighted to be your next Sports Officer!

I’ve previously been involved with Intra-Mural, Social and Club sport and am currently President of Tennis. These experiences have given me the necessary knowledge, skillsets and qualities required to deliver in this role.

I aim to make sport more ACCESSIBLE for all students by breaking down existing barriers.

I will:


  • continue #sportforall campaigns to promote participation of under-represented groups and equal opportunities in sport
  • defend funding for social sport, Give it a Go and Residence Life subsidies
  • increase the number of fitness classes at S10 and ensure varying session times
  • create a fairer ticket allocation system for popular ROARs


  • campaign for departments to provide alternative seminars/labs other than on Wednesdays and more crucially allow students to swap sessions
  • promote, via a Mental Health Campaign, the importance of sport and exercise in providing support networks  and managing stress/workloads


  • improve communication of existing funding and travel opportunities, including the ‘SU Participation Grant’, ‘Alumni Grant’ and University Car Hire System
  • ensure, upon offer acceptance, new students receive a welcome leaflet with key sporting info/contacts and Sports Fair details


  • encourage sports trials to be later so people don’t miss out on joining a team
  • petition the university for better subsidised travel to training/matches
  • develop a strategic plan for a fair and smooth transition from Goodwin to Norton Playing fields which has potential to become a Sport Sheffield hub