Saskia Marriott

“The Class of Sass”

My name is Saskia Marriott and I want to be your next Sports Officer. Being a part of Sport Sheffield has been one of, if not the biggest, highlights of university for me.

I have been a part of the netball team, but left to progress with cheerleading. I’m now a Coach of the Sabrecat Pom Cheerleading team and also play in the IntraMural Netball league.


  • Roar season tickets – similar to TTC season tickets – cheaper than buying weekly tickets AND give guaranteed entry to ALL Roars, even sell-out nights.
  • Subsidised gym membership – work with Sport Sheffield to reduce the price of annual memberships for student athletes.
  • Residence life passes – freshers have residence life included in rent – I want to make this available for everyone else, but for a small price – for those who want to join the gym/classes but less commitment and money.
  • Main socials tickets – work with ENTS to fairly distribute tickets to teams – regarding special events – UXD and Varsity Roars.
  • Women’s only gym – work with Sport Sheffield to dedicate a few hours a week to a girl’s only gym
  • Wednesday afternoons ARE for sport – work with the university to encourage departments not to timetable lectures, labs or seminars on Wednesday afternoons – allowing everyone to participate in sports or activities.
  • More society socials – work with the Activities Officer to plan more activities/society socials – make them more frequent.