Shaw Tun Qi

Hi, I am Shaw. 🙂

‘Support-Health-And-Welfare. (S.H.A.W.)’

Being the Inclusion officer of ISC, overlooking the welfare of 7000+ students and constant connection with residences as a residence mentor, I have first-hand experiences dealing with students’ welfare. I believe that my experience will allow me to best solve issues based on student interest.

Students’ Wellbeing

  • Aim to work with examination office to ensure students’ mental-health is considered in the planning of exam timetable.
  • Feedback system for lecture theatres and study-space for improvement of study environment. Work with the university to create green-space for relaxation and stress-buster event(s).
  • Increasing the awareness of support group and work with UHS, Welfare Services, ISC, ISO on creating international students’ support group.
  • Work with UHS and Welfare services to initiate a mental-health feedback for university courses.

Welfare Support

  • Work with Union Events, planning to implement compulsory accessibility plan for those who need special assistance in committees and social event(s).
  • Arrangement with University to better accommodate those who require accessibility support.
  • Strategize the location of Welfare-services within the union to increase accessibility.

Voices of Student

  • Organise a monthly meeting with support/representative committees and a quarterly panel discussion for students to raise welfare issues.

Accommodation and Safety

  • Lobby for Accommodation-Commercial-Services to improve the security of university-owned city-accommodation and reduce the accommodation fees.
  • Introduce past-tenants review in ‘SmartMove’ website.


  • Liaise with education-officer, University and career service to implement an optional workshop in each department for providing skill/information for job application.


  • Residence Mentor 2016-18
  • Inclusion ISC 2017-18