Stephen Langford

I am a postgraduate mature student studying for an MA in Social Research and I am therefore from two of the three under-represented groups identified by the Students’ Union in the person specification.

I have experience of helping to run successful voluntary organisations both as a trustee and as a chair of trustees, having been on the board of charities providing services to people affected by AIDS/HIV and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

I previously worked for the NHS in a very wide range of roles and I have particular experience and skills in Governance and both Financial and Change management.

If I was to be elected I would not only seek to ensure that the Students’ Union was well and effectively run, but that it listened to, understood and delivered on the wide range of aspirations of students at the University.

One of the key roles of the Board of Trustees is to set and monitor the Students’ Union Strategy. My priorities would be:

  • Significantly reducing the environmental impact of all of the Union’s activities.
  • A focus on improving diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting students to improve their health and wellbeing, including our mental health
  • Offering services that are good value for money
  • Supporting our local communities