Stephen Nield

I feel that I would bring a lot to the position of welfare officer as I hold a degree in philosophy and religion. I feel that this degree puts me in a strong position to assist in the welfare of students as I have a unique understanding and empathy for any cultural and religions needs, furthermore my degree has given me a strong analytical ability allowing me to assess situations and argue for the best outcome.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto video. However, they did not take Forge up on the offer

If I am elected to this position I shall begin by assessing all services available to students to see how they benefit students and how best they can be improved. From there I shall then look to see if there are any missing services that students may need and if there are I shall see what can be done to set them up. As well as this I shall make contact with any external bodies willing, to ensure that the city of Sheffield gives the best student experience possible, be this through improving the nightlife or making public transport more accessible to students.

Ultimately though I serve at your discretion as feedback from students about their issues will be key to my job, once I understand the issues you are having I can then work towards solving them, making the university experience better for everyone.