Tebby (TeBEE) Maritim

I love being a part of the international community in Sheffield. It is so rich in culture, experiences and mind-sets.

I believe in a students’ union/university were students from everywhere can find somewhere to fit in. I believe that every student deserves to feel heard and accommodated.

I want to supporting students who, like me, didn’t bring a coat when they first turned up in the UK (yes, I froze).

If you vote me:

  • I will work to enhance student experience for first time international students including workshops on things like finances and British culture, comprehensive booklet with information on a wide range of topics like where to buy your stationary and cheap shops to buy things at and how to engage with the activities at university.
  • I will support vulnerable international students whose education might be interfered with because of political, social or economic challenges in their home country or while in the UK
  • I will continue the work of the current International Student’s Officer in supporting international students to feel more confident in writing papers, referencing correctly and using reliable academic sources of information.
  • I will advocate for Black and Minority Ethnic students’ experiences and for them to feel more included and heard