Theo Routh

I’m Theo, and I’m hoping to be your next SU president. If elected, I will guide our great establishment through the process of unilaterally seceding from the UK, and begin the process of joining the EU and the UN.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto. However, they decided not to take up Forge on that offer

As your president, these will be my priorities for my year in office:

  1. Sheffield SU will unilaterally secede from the UK, and seek to join the EU and the UN as a member state.
  2. Solidarity with the University and College union and their fight to oppose the floating of their pension funds on the stock market.
  3. For every healthy tree Sheffield City Council cuts down in Sheffield, we will plant something equally healthy in our SU.
  4. Increased support for students who travel to university from outside of Sheffield, and for mature students, through an ‘accessibility audit’ in which these students are consulted on issues they face and potential solutions.
  5. A full accounting of the finances of the SU to be published and made readily available. Where our money is raised, and where it is spent. Our student trustee system is good, but there seems to be no reason for there to be so many closed doors. Greater transparency will increase student interest in both the trustee position, and for running for officer positions, where they can put their ideas for change into action.

Thanks for your time. Whether you agree with me or not, please vote.