William (Will) G Yeadon

I am the best candidate to be the student trustee as ‘low time-commitment role’ is how I approach many things in my life. I’ve been a student at Sheffield for so long that I am beginning to master how to ‘learn new skills’ and ‘work’ so this role will be especially apt for me. I study a PhD in Applied Particle Physics so I’ll be in Sheffield all year round this is why I can confidently pledge to attend ALL FOUR trustee meetings.

Additionally, I’ve seen the SU develop over the past 5+ years and I think, combined with the Sports at Sheffield, the SU is a very strong selling point for Sheffield as a University which is why I want to help the SU thrive. In addition to my work at Sheffield I’ve worked in Laboratories in Switzerland and the USA so I’m well aware of HR departments and their role in an organization. I will use these skills to represent Sheffield Students effectively.