Zaisheng (Victoria) Wang

I am an international student of Public Health in ScHARR. I am an active person who is very easy-going. I like reading history and watching documentaries. In addition, my hobbies are cooking and walking. Because I am active, I have high efficiency when I work. Besides, communicating with others is one my advantages. It helped me get through many difficulties.

My major is Public Health which helps people staying in a health statement. What is more, we focus on the inequality in healthcare and try to improve health service.

The welfare officer should represent students’ views and solve their welfare problems. Also, health issues both physical and mental are important to the Welfare Officer. Cooperating with other organisations and tackling different programs takes an important role in the Welfare Officer’s work. I really hope to do something beside study in my university life. Communicating with others and participating in activities is my favourite. This job suits me very well, not only as my interest, but also my major connects this job so closely. My knowledge could help me in tackling welfare issues.

If I succeed to be the Welfare Officer, I would do more research to find disadvantages of the SU and investigate other universities’ merits, although our SU is the No. 1 in the UK. Additionally, I will focus on students’ health, not only the physical, but also the mental health. Helping students to take care of their bodies and mental health will be put on the top of the list of my goals.