By David Anderson

Today was the first day of physical campaigning for this year’s SU Officer Elections, meaning Forge Press have our first daily roundup of all the drama that’s already unfolded.

After the 39 candidates for the eight paid officer roles were announced on Monday morning, digital campaigning began and YouTube and Facebook were filled with campaign pages, posters and videos.

The drama started early, with one presidential candidate being forced to take down and re-upload his campaign video because it appeared as though he was being endorsed by a society.

Friends supporting Jake Verity in his video were wearing Geography Society jumpers, but Verity quickly apologised and a new version of the video was re-uploaded, without this shot.

Other presidential candidates, Ashley Routh, Emily Doyland and Gabe Milne avoided the early excitement.

However, the Returning Officers felt as though Forge Press’ coverage of Verity’s incident could give him an advantage because of the extra exposure it gave him, and we were reminded to give equal coverage to all candidates.

This morning, the embargo on physical campaigning was lifted and candidates flocked to the Students’ Union concourse to hang up banners and hand out flyers to every passer by. If you were walking across campus today, you couldn’t have missed it.

At 2pm, the first roundtable debates kicked off, with President, Development, International and Sports Officer candidates discussing their policies live on Forge Radio.

The two candidates for Development Officer were a breath of fresh air on the radio. Harry Carling and Jordan Weir were respectful and complementary of each other, agreeing that they would not like to lose to anyone but each other.

It’s been a non-stop first day. So much so that some members of our Elections Team have been forced to order in a McDonald’s from Uber Eats as we haven’t had time to cook dinner. So let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.

You can find more detailed coverage of the roundtables and much more on our rolling live blog here.

Additional reporting by Niall O’Callaghan