By David Anderson | @danderson_96

It’s been another busy day of campaigning and debating for our SU Officer candidates, and another busy day for Forge Media covering it all.

The concourse outside the Students’ Union was quiet this morning (maybe there were a few sore heads after last night’s ROAR?), but by midday the candidates were back out in force handing out their flyers and engaging with students.

At 1pm Forge Radio’s second and final day of roundtables were underway, with Education, Women’s, Welfare and Activities Officer candidates discussing each other’s policies live on air.

While not all candidates turned up for their roundtable slots, those who did engaged in healthy debate and elaborated on their manifesto points. You can find coverage of the discussion on our daily live blog.

Our Elections team working behind the scenes on tonight’s Forge Debates. Image: Chelsea Burrell

But this was just a warm up for the main event… Forge Debates! Held every year, the event gives all candidates a platform to further elaborate on their policies and challenge each other’s too.

The first night of this year’s debates, hosted by Cameron Jurevicius, held in the SU’s Gallery and streamed live on Forge TV, kicked off at 6.30pm.

The Returning Officers were kind enough to let Forge Media use their office for our punditry, and it was nice to see many of them in attendance watching their potential successors discuss their policies.

Harry Carling and Jordan Weir, the two candidates for Development Officer, kicked off the night by discussing their manifestos. The pair share many similarities in their policies, including ideas for how they can reward students for sustainability, but spent their debate clearing up the differences.

As for the International Students’ Officer candidates, topics of discussion ranged from communication to accessibility. But it didn’t take long to get onto Brexit and how the candidate’s would deal with the uncertain future.

Forge Debates host Cameron Jurvecius. Image: Chelsea Burrell

A key debate from the Sports Officer candidates centred on the issues with Goodwin, from the cost of membership and quality of facilities to accessibility and inclusivity.

Finally, the big debate of the night was between the four President candidates, and it was a good one. The candidates challenged each other’s policies and argued reasonably yet assuredly, despite the discussion becoming a bit heated at times.

Gabe Milne spoke of his long term strategies for the future of the Students’ Union, while Emily Doyland argued that the President should focus on shorter term issues. Jake Verity spoke about his student-led music festival and idea for cheaper student tram fares, while Ashley Routh stuck to their policy that the President role is unnecessary and should be abolished to save money.

For a comprehensive report of the night’s discussions, though, read Robin Wilde’s report. Or, if you want want to re-live it all, you can catch up on our Debates Live Blog or re-watch the event on Forge TV below.

Catch us again tomorrow for more coverage on our live blog and night two of Forge Debates, when the candidates for the other four roles will take to the stage.