By David Anderson

Voting has opened, over 2,700 votes have already been cast, and it’s been a full on day for our candidates to kick off our second and final week of Students’ Union Officer Elections 2019.

Having taken a break over the weekend, our 35 remaining candidates for the eight Officer roles were parading the SU concourse bright and early this morning, as voting opened at 10am.

There was music, there was dancing, and at lunchtime there were speeches, as candidates were each given the opportunity to take to a small stage outside the SU to shout about their policies.

Candidates for each role were introduced by the Students’ Union’s Democracy Coordinator Sarah Pugh and took it in turns to speak briefly and persuade onlookers to vote for them.

SU President candidates (left to right) Jake Verity, Gabe Milne and Emily Doyland (Ashley Routh absent)

The event culminated with the candidates for SU President. Jake Verity, Emily Doyland and Gabe Milne stepped up to the platform, while Ashley Routh did not attend.

And the President race really has heated up today.

Emily Doyland begun a campaign to spotlight one of her policies each day this week, starting today by explaining her Officer Updates idea in more detail.

Everyday this week I'll be sharing a spotlight of each of my policies. Here's my first one, Officer Updates! You can now vote! Head to and Vote Emily #1 for SU President! #EmOutOf10

Posted by Emily #1 for SU President on Monday, 25 February 2019

Gabe Milne teamed up with Sports Officer candidate Mem Swanborough to go door-knocking around student accommodation (other Sports Officer candidates are available: Brittany Bowles and Annie Timmis).

Out doorknocking with @memsportsofficer1, really positive responses from people!! 😊

Posted by Vote Gabe Milne #1 for SU President on Monday, 25 February 2019

Jake Verity, meanwhile, has released a new campaign video – a parody of Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next’, adapted to ‘Thank you, Jake’.

Thank You, Jake.

Hello Everyone,It's been a long time in the making, this campaign has been amazing so far and I think it's time to show these elections shouldn't always be stressful, are really fun and most importantly they're a fantastic experience.I present to you – Thank You, Jake.

Posted by Vote Verity #1 for President on Monday, 25 February 2019

We are unaware of any campaigning from the fourth candidate, Ashley Routh, whose main policy is to abolish the role of SU President.

So, it’s been a busy day for campaigning from the Officer candidates. But that’s not all you’re voting for this week. There are also two Student Trustees to be elected, and two referenda to be voted on.

We tried to clear up just what these referenda are about, and why they should matter to students, in this article:

Also, a neat little feature on the SU’s elections site tells us that the average age of voters at the time of writing is 21.1 years. So, if you were born on January 20th 1998… congratulations! You’re average!

Stick with us tomorrow for more coverage as we creep ever close to Thursday, when voting closes at 5pm and results are announced later that evening. You can cast your vote at