By David Anderson

As we creep ever closer to Thursday’s deadline, the race in this year’s Students’ Union Officer Elections has really heated up. Actually, wait… no it hasn’t.

It’s just been more of the same today, really. Candidates haven’t been easing off in their campaigning, of course. But for the majority it’s been more leafleting, door-knocking and turning up in your lectures to shout about their policies.

It must be working, though, as over 1,500 students have submitted their votes today. This has taken our total to over 4,300 – 13.72 per cent of the student population. That’s over halfway towards last year’s final turnout of 8,065.

But that’s clearly not enough for the SU, who really are trying their utmost to get students involved in their politics.

The Returning President and International Students’ Officer Lilian Jones and Rex Bechu took to Facebook to rally for students to vote.

Here’s an update from day 2 of voting in the SU Officer Elections from our SU President Lilian & our International Students’ Officer Rex #shefsuvote

Posted by Sheffield Students' Union on Tuesday, 26 February 2019

They’re offering a variety of prizes to anyone who shares that they voted using the hashtag #ShefSUVote. There’s a Pop Tarts semester pass, tickets to Leeds Festival, a £100 Meadowhall voucher and much more up for grabs.

Remember to do your research before voting, though. You can do this for the Officer Elections by catching up on Forge Radio’s roundtables, or Night One and Night Two of Forge Debates. Or check out all the Forge Press coverage here.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a tad more exciting for all of our sakes.