By David Anderson

Voting closes at 5pm today for this year’s Officer Elections, and tonight we will find out which eight candidates will be running our SU next year.

If you are yet to vote and are still unsure of who to back in the race for the paid roles, we thought we’d give you one final chance to make your mind up.

We gave all candidates the opportunity to have their Final Word on why you should vote for them. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and read what they had to say…

President (4 candidates)

Emily Doyland

“I am the only Presidential candidate with experience of successfully lobbying for change in both the SU and the University. Not all 29,000 students are part of societies and sports or engaged with the SU, but every student deserves to be represented. I’m proud to be the only Presidential candidate focusing on wellbeing in my manifesto and believe welfare and leadership are not mutually exclusive. I’ve loved meeting everyone while campaigning and hearing how passionate we all are about improving wellbeing across uni. Let’s elect only the third woman President in 21 years: vote Emily #1 for SU President.”

Ashley Routh

“Every year, candidates run for president and promise things that either aren’t in the remit of a president to do, or which simply can’t be achieved with the budget available to the officers.

“I want to change that. A vote for me is a vote to abolish the position of president, to give more power to the officer roles with actual jobs to do, and a vote to save almost 20k which can be put towards better causes.

“Vote to end the presidency. Vote Ash Routh.”

Jake Verity

“You should vote for me because above everything else, I’ll always have your best interests at heart. I will listen to whatever you have to say and I will fight for the issues that matter to you.

“I want to be the President who creates a real vision to believe in and the one who leaves a lasting legacy that will benefit future generations for years to come.

“I will go above and beyond to ensure that your time in Sheffield is the best it can possibly be.

“Vote me as your next SU President. I won’t let you down.”

Gabe Milne

“There is only one candidate in this race fighting for sports teams and societies. There is only one candidate pledging to stand up to racism and build interfaith relations. There is only one candidate with a comprehensive plan to address accessibility in our SU. I am that candidate.

“I’ve rewritten SU and NUS policies, defended Jewish students and toppled an MP. I am a fighter who gets results more than any other candidate, and you can rely on me to do the same as your president.”

Activities Officer (11 candidates)

Matt Akrivos

“Hi there! My name is Matt, I’m in my 3rd year studying Economics and I want to be your activities officer for the next academic year. A vote for me would ensure societies and volunteering are as easy to get in to as possible, and rooms can be booked easily for meet-ups. I’d also make sure societies work together to plan bigger and better events for all.

“Make your vote count, vote for Matt!  #MattfortheFuture”

Bhumika (Bhumi) Jethnani

“A vote for Bhumi is a vote for a passionate, driven and motivated activities officer. I will use my experience to make activities more inclusive and accessible for anyone and everyone. I will ensure the union support all committee members, both big and small societies included. And finally, I will work with the tech department to improve the room bookings system to make it easier to work with. Vote Bhumi, it’ll never be gloomy #1 for Activities!”

Martha Daisy Evans

“To be your next Activities Officer would be a huge honour and my experience in the SU stands me in good stead for this role. Of all the Activities Officer candidates, my manifesto is the only one with ambitious yet feasible ideas but most importantly, clear methods of how they would be implemented. I am so passionate about what this role can achieve and would work tirelessly for the benefit of all students. A vote for Martha Daisy is a vote to increase opportunities for all in Activities in our SU – vote Martha Daisy #1 now!”

Harry Hirst

“I think that people should vote for me because I will Improve the website, keep Wednesday afternoons free for all students allowing you to get involved. Alongside this, improving the training and support that is available for committee members so they are best prepared to carry out their duties. I would use my years of experience across many societies and committees to help create a better experience for all students! When voting for activities, Put Hirst First!!”

Abhi Kongari

“The role of activities officer doesn’t just end at our SU societies and committees but goes further beyond. I believe in integration, not just of the students with each other but with the local communities who might not get a chance to experience University life. I believe in fair representation of people from different cultural and educational backgrounds so everyone can comfortably participate in our events. Finally, I believe in creating more opportunities for students through not just night time socials but also day time opportunities that can be used for networking. This election season, Be With Abhi for activities.”

Bethan Jones

“Improve accessibility and inclusions, increase collaboration and peer support and improve logics of all activities and volunteering. For a Beth of fresh air vote Bethan for Activities.”

Dan Tomlinson – did not provide a Final Word

Muhammad Ali Rashid – did not provide a Final Word

Catherine Doan – did not provide a Final Word

Shannon Greaves – did not provide a Final Word

Charlotte Dale – did not provide a Final Word

Development (2 candidates)

Harry Carling

“Everyone should vote for me as I will push our SU to innovate both technologically and sustainably. I have the skills and experience to thrive in the Commercial and Financial aspects of the role while also prioritising and improving our sustainable practices. I have loved chatting to so many students about my passion for the role and to hear how enthusiastic everyone is about all my policies. I believe my experience, vision and drive make me the best candidate, so remember to be a darling and VOTE for Carling!”

Jordan Weir

“A vote for Jordan Weir is a vote for progressive sustainable action at our University. As a climate change lobbyist for a local group in Sheffield I feel I have expansive knowledge of providing green and sustainable solutions for our University. I have met with members of Parliament and championed for an innovative change on the perspective of climate change. As your SU development officer I will seek to do the same and not only champion but make this SU a pioneer in sustainable development.”

Sports Officer (3 candidates)

Brittany Bowles

“People should vote for me because I am extremely passionate about advocating for sports impact on student experiences at university. I want more people to have the opportunity to take part and feel comfortable to try new sports. It’s so important to feel part of something, sport is so much more than just sport. The university need to understand this and I will make sure I am the person to do this.”

Mem Swanborough

“If elected as your new sports officer, I would love to make sport at Sheffield a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone to enjoy as much as I have! As a member of multiple clubs at all levels, I have the experience to make this happen and would be delighted to represent Sheffield students in sports!

“If this sounds good to you, then be a gem, and vote for Mem!!”

Annie Timmis – did not provide a Final Word

Women’s Officer (5 candidates)

Sara French

“Have your say, vote for Sara! If you want to be heard in your union, you should vote for me! I plan to listen to every student to tackle exactly what I need to. I intend to work to eliminate institutionalised sexism, and to uplift the women of the University by celebrating their successes and empowering them to achieve.

“Sara xox”

Rosa Tully

“Students should vote for me as I have the key skills to be a Women’s Officer. I am hard working and a dedicated campaigner. I am extremely passionate about social justice and equality – which is reflected in my commitment to many political and campaigning societies and organisations both on and off campus. I am very experienced, having been involved in social justice campaigns including work against sexism, transphobia, homophobia, racism and xenophobia – from things such as organising and attending protests, setting up feminist groups, working on the University Women’s Committee to just having everyday conversations with students and our local community. I care deeply about student well-being and liberation struggles and I want your vote to be able to support, include and represent all groups in our SU.”

Cara Mahon

“Voting for me would mean increased promotion and discussion of sexual health on campus, more inclusive conversations about consent and the encouragement of women in STEM and business. Sexual health is something that unites us all as young students, regardless of sexuality or gender, therefore should be addressed in a safe and comfortable environment. In boosting consent conversations and awareness, I aim to fight sexual violence on and off campus and break the stigma, so all our students feel safe and supported. For a Women’s Officer who will listen to all students – Make It Mahon!”

Grace Thambyrajah

“I know firsthand as a woman, but also as a woman of colour, how the lack of diverse representation can affect your experience of university. As the co-creator of the SU’s VYBEZ, a visible female DJ of colour in the Sheffield scene, and campaign leader of the Black and Minority Ethnic Representative Committee, I have accomplished so much social change and made improvements to how women and liberation groups are treated by the university. I am passionate, I am determined, and I will not be deterred until Sheffield stops neglecting the needs of women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and disabled students.”

Tanvi Save – did not provide a Final Word

Welfare (3 candidates)

Beren Maddison

“To be the next Welfare Officer would be an amazing opportunity and I think that I can bring so much to the role. Over the last year I’ve demonstrated my passion for tackling welfare issues that students from a variety of different groups face at uni, and I’ve had an amazing insight into how the SU works – most importantly how to make change within a year. I believe that my manifesto reflects the broad nature of Welfare at university, and I know that I can really impact the way that students are supported throughout their degree.”

Sadie Base – did not provide a Final Word

Dot Hakim – did not provide a Final Word

Education Officer (4 candidates)

Jaz Catlow

“I’m Jaz and I’m running to be your next education officer! I think you should vote for me as student voice and representation are at the forefront of all my policies. I care about implementing better support networks and improving the accessibility of higher education for all students. I’m already very active across the university, and all my ideas are backed-up by work or research I’ve done. For Pizzazz Vote Jaz!”

Ben Warner

“You should vote Ben Warner #1 for Education Officer, for a candidate with reliable, realistic policies such as tackling hidden costs, lobbying for more assessment choice, supporting our disabled students, and fighting for free education and the reintroduction of maintenance grants. Through my experience on Welfare Committee and representing Journalism on SU Council for the last two years, I know how the Students’ Union works and will deliver on my promises as Education Officer.

“Make sure that before voting closes, you realise that I’m the Warner you want (for Education)!”

Sam Nash – did not provide a Final Word

Charlie Porter – did not provide a Final Word

International Students Officer (6 candidates)

Mengya (Sissi) Li

“Hey guys! I am Sissi from China. I am running for your next international students’ officer. If I was elected, the first thing I will do is installing microwave ovens and providing hot water in all of our University buildings. For example, IC, the Diamond and all departments. Then I would like to organise “Hey Buddy” which means I will ask all students what language they can teach and what language do they wanna learn,and then match them in pair to make international friends and study a new language as well. I have a lot of brilliant idea to build a bridge between international students and locals. I promise I will never let you down. Thanks for your support.”

Chino Olumba

“Students should vote for me because my policies come with a plan. I will promote integration with my social mixers with speed meeting events.  I will campaign for fixed fees with our collective voices by petitioning. Your voices will finally be heard and your ideas implemented with the aid of the suggestion box. Regular updates on Brexit and more Post study opportunities in the SU and on the website.

“Even if you do not think my policies are the best, you have a chance to share your ideas with my suggestion box. What’s not to love?

“#VoteChino for International students Officer.”

Laura Prieto – did not provide a Final Word

Chengyin Liu – did not provide a Final Word

Ruiwei Chen – did not provide a Final Word

Rana Gharaybeh – did not provide a Final Word

So now… go out and vote!

Hopefully this has helped you make your mind up on which candidates deserve your vote. If you want to catch up more (and hear from the candidates who weren’t able to get a Final Word to us!), you can listen to Forge Radio’s roundtables, or watch Night One and Night Two of Forge Debates.

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