Beth Eyre

I am Beth Eyre, a 3rd year History student and I am running to be your SU President.

My three main policies are:
Sustainability at the forefront of the SU – In the face of a climate crisis, it is the big organisations that need to reconsider their practices. I am calling for an enquiry into the amount of leaflets and unnecessary plastic the SU uses for advertising. I will continue to fight for cheaper public transport and institutionalise student-run clothes swaps and second-hand sales.

Transport from home to uni – After reading Dr Katie Ellis’ research on care experienced students’ encounters with arriving at university, I became inspired. Having worked for the Meet and Greet service for international students over summer, I have the knowledge to replicate it for any domestic student who would benefit from a similar warm welcome. I’d also make sure essentials are available in university halls and are affordable and good quality: it shouldn’t be a time to capitalise.

Life Lesson Lectures – This is for anybody who has ever questioned why they don’t know how taxes or government work. As a first gen and full-bursary student, I often have found myself feeling unfamiliar with things like a ‘Help to Buy ISA’ and with all the resources here at our fingertips, free and accessible life lectures will be available for all.

I have realms of experience, check out my campaign for more info and Vote for a Beth of fresh Eyre as your SU President.