Helen (Chi) Zhang

Hello, I am Helen(Chi) Zhang. I am running for the position of international students’ officer. Our student union is fantastic and brilliant, I do believe it can be even better.

While studying and living in Sheffield, I deeply felt the impact of the Students’ Union on student life. As an international student, I also benefited a lot from it and felt the warmth brought to us by the Students’ Union. This motivates me to want to contribute more to the International students in the future.

If I become an International Student Officer, I will promote the following goals:

1.Free language support, cultural integration: Language is a way to promote communication. Through the matching of students from different countries, learning the first language of different countries can better promote the friendship of international students.

2.Protect international rights: Balance international’s scholarship process in department. Workshops on how to get sponsorship to remain in the UK (a two year post-study work visa for international students).

3.Promote a globally diverse SU community: Organize tours, parties during Christmas and Easter. Establish a bridge between home and international students in these special festivals.

4.Management of library system. Combined with the SU APP, we launched a seat system that scans QR codes to solve seat problems in the library during exams and provide better exam services for students.

5.Promote SU services: online applications.Reduced procedures, so that everyone can complete the application through a mobile and computer, reducing waiting time.