Chris Burrey

Being a welfare officer means being there for students, but it also involves action for change and bettering student life. I want to focus on that change. My name is Chris Burrey; I am standing to be your welfare officer. Here are a few of my ideas:

SU Living Wage
SU workers deserve a living wage. I will campaign with UNITE to give workers a deserving wage and lobby the option for a minimum hour contract. Outside the SU, I will actively help students who work in the service industry by working with campaigns like Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise.

Mental Health taken seriously
We are lucky to have SAMHs, but our system does have flaws. I want to:
-Hire specialist counsellors (e.g., PTSD)
-Limit bureaucracy
-Focus on action rather than rhetoric

Food Banks and Sharing Scheme
The SU should have a core, sustainable equivalent to a food bank. By establishing a “Food Swap” scheme, I want to create a food bank allowing students to either swap foods they don’t need anymore or to give away for free.

Maintenance Reform
January is a difficult time financially. We get our loan when semester starts but when we need it earlier. I will lobby to change that and help lead the government in the right direction.

Toilet roll
We need softer loo roll in the SU for the welfare of our bums

Frequent refilling of sanitary and condoms in bathrooms

No need to worry, vote for Chris Burrey!