Ciara O’Sullivan

Reject fast fashion:
Set up a new outlet in the SU building where students can purchase or trade clothes or other goods. Proceeds to go to a charity chosen by students.

Support students to secure work experience:
Develop a scheme which offers short work experience placements for students at the SU and University. Eg. Shadowing in Human Resources dept.

Tackle environmental issues:
Better educate 1st year students living in university accommodation about how to dispose of their waste in order to maximise capacity for recycling and reduce waste.
Invest in renewable and sustainable sources of energy such as solar and wind.
Investigate brands supported by the SU, to ensure the SU supports only sustainable and responsible companies. Incentivise effective recycling and composting behaviours.
Support students to make healthier choices
Increase access to free hot water. Introduce microwaves in the SU and study spaces.

Promote a more united and cohesive SU:
Develop clearer and more accessible channels of communication between students and elected representatives.
Better advertise services provided by the SU, such as access to mobile phone chargers, and recycling hub, so that students are able to take full advantage of them.
Increase opportunities for student impact on SU policy.
Financially support students: Provide more job opportunities for students. Such as employment at new SU charity/swap shop.
Pay student employees of the SU the living wage.

I will continue with great progress made by predecessors:
Plant based options in su
Pushing outlets to create affordable options
Zero waste attitude