Dom Fairbrass

My name is Dominic Fairbrass and I am running to be your new SU President. I am a third year medical student and I currently serve as the Vice-chair and medical school representative on the SU council.

Earlier this year I fought a hard battle to secure personal safety and free expression for Sheffield’s oppressed minority of HK students. The SU that passed and implemented that proposal is the SU at its best and an SU that I wish to lead into the future on the other critical issues faced by Sheffield students.

My main policy proposals are:

Mental Health
“Addressing the crisis by moving from reactive to proactive support”
-Establish a representative Mental Health Committee.
-Provide additional funding for societies who create a dedicated Mental Health Officer to educate, advocate and signpost.
-Introduce suicide awareness training for new students.

“Tackling sub-standard housing by holding landlord to account”
-Create a curated online register to promote reputable landlords and flag irresponsible ones.
-Bar underperforming letting agents from SU housing fairs.
-Campaign for more affordable University-owned accommodation.

“Fostering a more functional democracy through increased SU engagement with its students”
-Hold a regular public SU officer’s Question-Time to increase student voice on campus
-Create a dedicated Mature & Postgraduate Officer to better represent our student body.
-Reflect the democratic will of our students by encouraging the university to adopt new environmentally sustainable business partners.

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