Ellie Lynas

Hello! My name is Ellie and I am running for the role of Education Officer.

I believe I am the ideal candidate for this role because while I have really enjoyed my time in Sheffield, I know the university makes mistakes and I am passionate about correcting them.

If I am elected I will work hard to:
– push the university to no longer use negative marking in exams (it punishes students for not knowing everything)
– see that humanities students get more for their money (if a book is required for a course there should be a free supply available to all students)
– get departments to provide an unbiased welfare officer and have better welfare training for tutors (the experience students get can vary massively depending on which tutor they are randomly assigned)
– make sure students know about the full range of services (e.g.: rest breaks in exams) the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service offers and if they are eligible (many people aren’t aware of what they can do and departments fail to inform their students)
– see that there is a minimum of one week between content being taught and that content being examined (less than this is unreasonable)
– ensure there is better communication between students and the university during strike periods (we deserve clarity on how the strikes will impact our course; uploading the notes that would have been covered is not the same as being taught it)