Fleur Delugar

Hello, my name is Fleur. I am in LOVE with our SU! Where else would I have been encouraged to brave a skydive or hitch-hike to Transylvania? Our SU supported me as an academic rep and keen volunteer. Then gave me responsibility as a PASS tutor and fancy-dress-mad social sec. Later I was even (generously) permitted to blunder along as a screeching saxophonist and terrible tennis player. When homesick, our SU made me feel welcome and when gloomy, Pop Tarts picked me up. Our SU is a truly special place but together we can make it even better!

Let’s make exam-time more bearable: reduce printing expense and a different Disney film each week with free snacks in the SU cinema.

Let’s make students healthier: installation of hot-water taps and microwaves in libraries, revamp the Endcliffe mentor system, increase mental-health service accessibility and funding and improve societal participation (to combat loneliness) by 15%.

Let’s make the SU greener: ban sale of one-use plastic bottles campus wide, 25% more drinking fountains to be added, sensitive thermostats installed to prevent heating wastage, night-time lighting reduced to a minimum, vegetarian option promotion, make ecosia the default search engine (just think how many trees we can plant!), install solar panels on the SU and ensure our SU takes a more serious stance on its recycling (and the cryptic IC bin system finally explained).

I have plentiful passion, drive and enthusiasm. Vote for me to see positive change in our SU!