Hania Mousa

Personally, as an international student coming from an extremely different environment and culture, I thought that the change to Sheffield would be difficult to accommodate to, however, to my surprise, I did not feel any difference. As an Arab, I have joined the Arab Society, allowing myself to become friends with other people from my region, many of which whom I now consider family. Moving from one country to another is a massive transition, which may be extremely difficult for some. Therefore, the sole purpose I am nominating myself for this position, is that I would like to help students find comfort and peace within Sheffield; through interacting with the Student Union. If given the opportunity, I would like to be the voice of the International Students in Sheffield; addressing their issues, helping find solutions to their problems, and ensuring their welfare in the various international and cultural events. Currently, I am an Academic Representative at the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; in which I represent my fellow colleagues to the staff of the department, finding solutions to their concerns and trying to her enhance their experience at Sheffield. Accordingly, I have practice representing other students and I would like to represent international students on matters that affect them. Not only that, but I would like to be the person who can help make a difference in their lives. In other words, I would like to provide the opportunity for students to feel that Sheffield is their home.