Joel Kirk

I’m Joel Kirk, 4th year Chemical Engineering student and society president, Societies Councillor and Societies Committee Events Coordinator. I want to be your next activities officer!

Here’s my manifesto…

Events Support and Funding:
– To equip student groups with the necessary provisions to run big events themselves with limited risk
– This would come in the form of the promotion of the new ‘Events Fund’, additional funding with the amount dependent on the level of collaboration, as well as hands on support from myself (an experienced event’s organiser)

Societies Week:
– A week dedicated to showcasing societies and their diversity
– A day dedicated to each society category
– Finish the week with a massive society celebration – ‘Dance Your Socs Off’

Increase Society Support and Resource Accessibility:
– Society support and resources are currently all over the place
– To streamline these resources by putting them into the upcoming SU app for easy accessibility i.e. support documents/room bookings/storage availability

Solve the Storage and Room Bookings Crisis:
– Utilise the ‘Sustainable Society Storage’ policy I created at SU council to lobby the university to create accessible society storage
– Work with staff members in the implementation of the new room bookings system to ensure it’s easy for societies to use

Improve Committee Member Training:
– Make society committee member training accessible all year round
– Introduce online training to reduce staffing resource requirements
– Include compulsory diversity and equality training for core committee members