Jordan Frith

Wassup guys, its ya boi, Jordan.

I’m currently a fourth-year student, Manager of the men’s second Volleyball team, and was the SU’s LGBT+ Council Representative last year.

Sport at Sheffield is a thriving community competing at the highest levels of student’s sport in the country. Despite this, we face enormous challenges and will continue to, unless we speak up and take action. The current infrastructure at Sheffield cannot sustain the growth of university sport.

Uni of:
– 4,500 students in sport
– £166,500 budget

– 1,600 students in sport
– £380,000 budget

Clearly, the “why provide more funds if sport is already successful” narrative maintained by university board members has prevailed. The lack of facilities forces students to travel further and spend more, discouraging sport participation. Ironically, using external facilities costs large amounts of money which could be re-invested into sport. If I’m elected, this will change.

I will work with the relevant persons to implement research, collect data, and present our findings in aid of obtaining additional funding.

Key Developments

Physical Health:
– Compulsory qualified coaches for sports teams
– Effective physiotherapy programme

– Foster an inclusive environment whereby campaigns such as This Girl Can, Disability in Sport, and Pride in Sport are made permanent features of sport at Sheffield instead of token, one-off events

– Revise the HEAR report to ensure recognition of the achievements, commitment and hard work of all students involved in sport Disrupt the status quo, start a revolution.