Jordan Weir

I am running to be your SU Development Officer to produce radical change. I have been an active campaigner in our SU and University for improving workers’ rights, action on climate change and an end to educational inequality. I want to continue to be a campaigner, but I also want to be a changemaker by being elected your next Development Officer.

My Manifesto:

– In 2015 the fashion industry was responsible for 1,715 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. I want to tackle the issue of overconsumption by opening a SU Swap Shop. This will reduce the consumption of new clothing amongst our student population, helping set a sustainable example to other universities wanting to implement progressive climate policies.
– We have the best SU in the country, yet it is still not good enough. Our casual workers must be given better terms and conditions. The SU must develop hand-in-hand with workers and, as such, I will demand better pay and conditions for our SU staff.
– From my first day as an officer, I will hold our University to account and lobby for the University to fully end fossil fuel usage and invest in sustainable green alternatives.
– Real leadership is about listening. If elected I promise to open a student and staff inquiry into how we can reduce our single-use plastic waste in SU venues, listening to ideas from staff and students alike.

If you like what you hear, Vote Weir.