Lu Shan

I am a highly motivated postgraduate student working toward a degree in Applied Linguistics with TESOL. After working in China for ten years, I decided to study abroad to broaden my knowledge and experience new cultures. Since I value academic performance and personal development equally, my aim as an International Officer is to service and support students in their academic journey, whilst making their time in Sheffield an unforgettable experience.

My previous employment has equipped me with the communication and organization skills to excel in this role, and I have four goals about this position. First, I will respect and understand students with different political beliefs, different religions and different cultures. Secondly, I plan to promote various international activities based on international students’ interests and welfare. Such as, international cultural and history party, international music and dancing party, and international knowledge activities. Thirdly, I am willing to support diverse societies and build a platform for students to involve in various international events. Fourthly, I would like to interact with international students and accept any kind of feedback and reflect my work.

As a friendly person who loves to volunteer and build positive relationships with people from all over the world, I believe I have what it takes to be an excellent International Officer. If you give me a chance, I will do my best to prove worthy of your trust!