Megan Dora Roberts

Hi, I’m Megan! I’ve studied here for five years, and have held six society/committee positions. I’m very aware of the issues that can arise at university, and am passionate about improving the services on offer. If elected, I will:

– work closely with all representative committees, and will create a welfare survey accessible throughout the year to ensure I’m working in everyone’s best interests.
– work with the Activities Officer to promote the inclusion of diversity months/weeks into society programmes.
– expand the previous SU Officers’ and BME Committee’s successful micro-aggressions campaign (displaying peoples’ written stories around the SU) to feature different experiences each month (mental health, mens’ mental health, LGBT+, BME, mature students, etc) so that anyone struggling will see a story that speaks to them.
– clarify sign-posting services, and increase the awareness and availability of face-to-face support.
– publish a simple recipe booklet available in every university flat, and around the SU, to make staying healthy easier.
– work with the Education Officer to clarify extenuating circumstances, and to make the effects and improvements made by module-feedback forms seen by the students who fill them out, and not only by future year-groups.
– clarify students’ rights concerning housing (including unfit accommodation and/or unacceptable landlords), student finance, sexual harassment/assault, and Brexit. I will ensure anyone affected by these matters is supported, and I will increase the SU’s role in actively helping students assert their rights.