Micha Farrell

As your education officer I would aim to support and represent all students equally. While creating change where applicable and developing appropriate support for issues raised throughout the university.

Being a mature student, living in multiple countries, and leading community support programs, has given me insight into many different ways of life. I believe empathy is necessary for equality to exist. I stand for education and the educational experience, yet different for everyone, to be fair and equal.

I intend to make each student heard. I intend to review and monitor issues concerning: class sizes, teaching quality, strike actions, and other Problems which could lead to inequalities during the educational experience. This would include working alongside other departments in the university to ensure services such as The Student Advice Center, are providing adequate support when needed and referring to other means of support when necessary. As a student at the university of Sheffield I would want all students to feel proud to be apart of such an amazing red brick. Yet as a student myself I also understand that pride and a sense of belonging develop with time as well as support. So here I am, ready to support all students for its we the people, our time, our money and our voices, which make this institution what it is today.