by Ben Warner | @ben_mcr

The names of the 28 candidates for the eight elected SU Officer positions have been revealed this morning (Monday 2 March).

This comes ahead of a week-and-a-half of campaigning in the 2020 SU Officer Elections, with the winners set to be announced at a glitzy event in Foundry on Thursday 12 March.

The SU Officers are the eight elected student representatives, who make policy and decide the direction of your Students’ Union. You have the chance to vote on the sabbatical team for the 2019/20 academic year from Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 March.

The eight roles in the team are: President (4 candidates), SU Development (4 candidates), Welfare (4 candidates), Women’s (1 candidate), Education (3 candidates), Activities (3 candidates), International Students’ (7 candidates) and Sports (2 candidates).

International Students’ Officer looks set to be the most contested role this year, with Women’s the least contested.

Alongside the SU Officer Elections, there is also an election for two student trustees, and a referendum to decide whether the Students’ Union should remain affiliated to the National Union of Students.

As well as leading on their various campaigns and responsibilities, the SU Officers (sometimes known as the Student Executive Committee) sit on the board of trustees, responsible for governance and financial management of the Students’ Union.

Jake Verity, the current SU President, told Forge Press last week“The people you elect as your SU Officers have a huge role to play in your life at University and it’s important you vote for the leaders you want to see running your Students’ Union.

“Whether it’s representing you in rooms with the University, Government or internationally, the people you choose to be your Officers can make real, impactful change.”

The complete list of candidates is below.

Beth Eyre
Dom Fairbrass
Fleur Delugar
Josh Glicklich

SU Development
Ciara O’Sullivan
Jordan Weir
Sophie McGinley
Tara Kimberlee

Chris Burrey
Elmo Huang
Holly Ellis
Megan Dora Roberts

Lily Grimshaw

Ellie Lynas
Micha Farrell
Sam Calderbank

Joel Kirk
Liam Holister
Simon Alford

International Students’ Officer
Hania Mousa
Helen (Chi) Zhang
Iuri Montenegro
Jack Gong
Jing Li
Lu Shan
Saya Uotani

Sports Officer
Jordan Frith
Matt Graves