Sam Calderbank

I believe our Student’s Union should listen to everyone’s views on their education, which I already have prior experience doing in the form of being an academic representative while being President of a departmental society.

Students should be supported throughout their education through adversities such as strike action. I pledge to ensure that specific departments are clear and inform students about proposed strike action and the effects of this. I believe the Student’s Union should continue to be a safe space during any problems students have in their time here.

I believe that student feedback needs to be listened to and action to be implanted accordingly for all modules in departments.

As Education Officer, I would ensure that every department has their own member of staff dedicated to educational progress and welfare to ensure that any educational issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

I also aim to work with academic reps to ensure student feedback is taken seriously for all modules and is acted upon by staff.

Working as a Student Ambassador for the University has opened my eyes to the need for more representation in terms of students from low participation neighbourhoods, black minority ethnic, care leavers, young carers, those with declared disabilities and students who are in the first generation of their family to go to university.

Education is a basic right and I pledge to ensure that everyone has access to a high level of education in our University.