Saya Uotani

Hi, I’m Saya and I’d love to be your next International Student’s Officer!

I’m from Tokyo, and getting involved at the SU has helped me see Sheffield as a true second home.

I’m Vice-Chair of International Students Committee, and am also a member of Societies Committee.

I’ve been an International Student Ambassador for 2 years, and have also been a Journalism Studies course representative for 3 years.

Here’s what I want to do if I get elected:

1. More access to information that really matters to international students, from day zero:
NHS, Registration, recycling, bank accounts, plagiarism, add/drop, grading system, what’s intro week? what’s varsity? and most importantly, what’s the Student’s Union?

2. More commitment to protect students from physical and emotional violence:
streamline the process, set up a hotline with volunteers from different countries who can be confidantes and help international students feel more welcome. Less red tape, more action!

3. More post study support:
career fairs with employers that have tier 2 Visa sponsorship schemes/jobs so people who want to stay can get the option to

4. More community support and bonding:
give National and Cultural societies opportunities to engage with new students in Orientation Week, set up a Pen Pal system during the summer and beyond matched by country, degree, or/and hobbies

I really care about international students because we bring so much to the table and yet it’s so easy for us to be overlooked. I hope you vote for me!

#VoteSayaforISO #VoteSUforYourSU