Sophie McGinley

My passion for sustainability has grown to new ambitions this year, having joined the Sustainability and Carbon Neutral committees and seeing first hand the ways critical issues within our SU and university are being addressed. During my four years at university, I have sat on academic, sport and representative committees. These have helped encourage more sustainable behaviours, promote STEM subjects and improve inclusivity within competitive club sport.

As your Development Officer I will use the heightened platform to tackle a number of critical issues we currently face: the two of immediate importance being the mental health crisis and climate crisis.

As the SU treasurer, I will create a ‘Mental Health Matters Fund’ for societies to help plan events and activities promoting coping mechanisms and emotional support for mental health. I will also continue the efforts of Harry Carling, as the student lead for sustainability, to actively lobby the University to improve its sustainable practices. By following through with its promises to switch to clean energy providers and enforce sustainable curriculums, I will help the University achieve its carbon neutral goals for 2030.

Additional policies I will implement are:
-An online student housing forum
-Sustainability awards
-Second hand clothing shop at the SU
-Levy on high carbon products
-University wide meal deal offers without a drink

Collectively, we have the ability to become a leading example nationally and generate systemic change. I have the drive to be this change, so vote Sophie #1 for development!