Tara Kimberlee

My name is Tara, I’m a final year politics student from Birmingham, and I want to be your next development officer.

At the centre my policies is an awareness of the unequal levels of privilege, education and access to resources between students. I want to remove barriers to living sustainably and ensure that all students receive education on matters beyond their course. Most importantly, my policies are completely feasible and student-centred, meaning you will be the ones to benefit.

If elected, I promise to:

Create Financial Education Resources for all students.
I want to equip all students with tools to properly manage their finances, such as courses, worksheets and guidance for students struggling to get a handle on their finances during and post uni.

Create a Second-hand Textbook Exchange.
I want to create a system encouraging the buying and selling of secondhand textbooks, reducing financial strain of study on students.

Reduce Plastics in the SU shop.
I want to introduce a plastic-free meal deal option for waste conscious students, and ban styrofoam and other non-biodegradables from food wrapping.

Provide an extra ‘sustainability fund’.
This extra cash would support societies who wish to host sustainable / zero waste meetings, socials or events.

Introduce a mobile U-card and ticketing system.
I want to introduce the mobile ucard system to Sheffield, and make it possible for you to gain access to libraries, uni workspaces and club nights just from your phone.