Elmo Huang

-Build a Sleep Laboratory at SU and each library for students to take a nap there. It will look like a huge capsule and the individual could lie down inside for few hours.Thus, the students can get enough rest.

-Let the UCS know more about diverse culture and a myriad of backgrounds from international students. Recruiting more staff who can speak more than 2 languages in order to enhance the understanding for foreign students during counselling.

-I will tackle the problem of the inappropriate high rent in Campus accommodation. The Uni is a Non-for-Profit organization. Making money from students is neither ethical nor moral.

-Create the evaluation system of UCS, Stu Advice Centre, Smart Move, ACS…etc, each season we will review the assessment of system in order to find out the lowest performing staff in each organization to oversee who tend to dismiss the students more frequently, then we demand the individual staff to write a reflection report and if the situation doesn’t improve in the following months, the staff should be resigned.

-Single mother/father student support.

-Urge the University to put more fund into Women Night Bus, also lobby the Uni to purchase a new bus to replace the old one due to the safety reason.