Jack Gong

Hi, I am Jack, an international student from China. I hope to enrich the life of international students in the UK, and make international students feel as warm as home.

As your International student officer I will:

Improve student living standard
Set student facilities and hold new fair to improve student quality of life

• Provide hot water by putting water heater in the SU, IC, Western Bank, and the Diamond etc.
• Host a second-hand market allows students to buy & exchange goods
• Organize student host families program to better integrate international students into UK culture.

Support to study
Providing language and technical assistance during study and exam period.

• Give grammar, structure and reference style check for free
• Hold technical support session (e.g. Programming Q & A session)
• Support the students who worry about fail the exam, helping them analyse the problem and help them pass the make-up examination

Hold international event
Holding various activities to build a bridge between international and local students.

• Host cooking event to taste and learn how to cook international food
• Offer Day trip with cheap price to let international students have the opportunity to experience the culture of UK
• Organize celebrations of traditional festivals in different countries

Provide job opportunities
Helping international students to find part-time jobs, placement, and graduate jobs.

• Send the latest job information suitable for international student
• Hold Senior student sharing session to help international students write CV and share experience of job seeking.