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Sheffield Central


Sheffield Central was created in 1983 and at present covers parts of a number of council wards, including Broomhill & Sharrow Vale, City, Manor Castle, Nether Edge & Sharrow, and Walkley. Central is the largest student constituency in the country - 30% of residents also study at Sheffield or Hallam. It has been a Labour seat since it was re-created for the 1983 General Election, and since 2010 has been represented by Paul Blomfield, a former general manager of our Students' Union. In 2015, he increased his majority by nearly 39%, winning 24,308 votes. The Green Party came second with 6,999 - the third-best result nationwide for the party in the election. They are hoping to go one better this year and gain their first Parliamentary seat in the North. 

Paul Blomfield is re-elected

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Natalie Bennett

Green Party

  • Scrap tuition fees, bring back maintenance grants
  • Scrap age-related wage bands, raise to living wage
  • Referendum on Brexit deal


Paul Blomfield


  • Increase mental health budget for young people
  • Tuition fees scrapped and maintenance grant re-instated

Jack Carrington

Yorkshire Party

  • Have a Yorkshire Parliament
  • Integrated health and social care system

Shaffaq Mohammed

Liberal Democrats

  • Bring back maintenance grants
  • Guarantee rights of EU nationals in the UK
  • Protect Erasmus+ and other EU-funded schemes

Stephanie Roe


  • Parliament vote on final Brexit deal
  • Universities help run state schools

Robert Moran

Pirate Party

  • Scrap Tuition fees
  • Brexit based on Pirate principles
  • Rebalance NHS budget to invest in mental health

Joe Westnidge

Social Democratic Party

  • Free education for "key subjects"
  • Universities have overseas campuses

Dominic Cook


  • Build high quality, affordable homes
  • Fund the NHS an extra £9 billion a year by 2022