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Sheffield Hallam


Sheffield Hallam is the seat of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat. It covers areas including Crookes, Broomhill, Dore and Totley, Fulwood. It also encompasses the large student villages of Endcliffe and Ranmoor. Of the five seats in Sheffield, Hallam is the only one which didn't return a Labour candidate to Parliament in 2015, although Ed Miliband's party were within 5% of gaining the seat. Before the Lib Dems won the seat in 1997, it had been a Conservative seat for over a century, bar a two-year spell following a 1916 by-election. 

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Nick Clegg

Liberal Democrats

  • Keep close relationship with Europe
  • Recognise value of international staff
  • Mental health treated as important as physical health

Jared O'Mara

Labour Party

  • Keep a place in the Erasmus+ scheme
  • Don't include international students in immigration numbers
  • Ensure schools guidance for relationships and sex education is LGBT+ inclusive

Logan Robin

Green Party



  • Retain free movement, protect health, animal welfare and workers' rights in Brexit negotiations
  • Introduce proportional representation

John Thurley


  • End sex education in primary schools
  • Close the loophole of corporations dodging tax

Ian Walker


  • Universities must be involved in academy sponsorship and free schools to charge max fees
  • Scrapping free lunches
  • Leave single market

Steven Winstone

Social Democratic Party

  • Points based immigration system
  • Repeal 1972 European Communities Act