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Sports Officer Interviews: Yasmin Beldaci

Yasmin Beldaci running for Sports Officer talking about her main policies #knowyourvote

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Yasmin Beldaci’s Manifesto:

My name is Yasmin, and as you can probably guess, I love sport.

Especially trying new ones and getting others involved. I’ve taken part in multiple different sports (to varying degrees of success!) ranging from netball to bouldering to ballet, as well as coaching hockey, rugby and archery (my one true love).

In my 4 years competing for the university archery team I’ve held 3 official committee positions: Web, Charities and Publicity Officer, Secretary and Captain.  I’ve also held 4 ‘unofficial’ positions whilst also supporting other roles, so I understand the amount of time and effort that goes into keeping clubs running!

University can be a stressful place but sport, exercise and social interaction have been proven to help, so as Sports Officer I will:

– Make sport more accessible to complement the support services at the university.

– Make trying and joining new sports clubs easier, with more introductory sessions that are better advertised, so everyone knows what opportunities are available.

– Increase awareness of funding for participating in sport and the clubs available (not just the popular ones). People of all abilities and backgrounds should be able to engage in sport.

– Show Sheffield the good side of clubs, the work put in and the money raised to help charities.

Most importantly I want to listen to your views, both from clubs and individual students. Sport Sheffield has given me so much, and I’d love the opportunity to give back.

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