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Welfare Officer Interviews: Reena Staves

Reena Staves running for Welfare Officer talking about her main policies #knowyourvote

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Reena Stave’s Manifesto:

Being the President of Mental Health Matters Society has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my university life. I’ve loved campaigning to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting the importance of self-care. The knowledge I’ve gained through overcoming personal difficulties and lobbying for better mental health provision at university makes me so determined to improve welfare support available at The University of Sheffield.

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

  • Mental health first-aid training for residence mentors and improved welfare training for personal tutors.

  • Work with The University Counselling Service to form new peer-led support groups that explore mindfulness, offer advice on maintaining healthy emotional wellbeing, and provide a quiet safe space in the Students’ Union.

  • Campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues such as loneliness, through the development of more mental health in the arts initiatives.

  • Lobby the University to direct more funding to UCS.

Housing and Financial Support:

  • Work with the Welfare Committee to hold more regular, free and varied ‘find-a-housemate’ events.

  • Collaborate with the Student Advice Centre to offer workshops to encourage students to sign housing contracts later and create informative guides to help students understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

  • Work with Student Advice Centre to offer more workshops on money management.


  • Introduce a ‘wellbeing buddy’ system for SU nights: a scheme to encourage students to care for their peers’ wellbeing.

  • Work alongside the Women’s Officer to promote ‘getting-home-safe-schemes’, such as the Safe Taxi Scheme and Women’s Minibus.

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