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Women’s Officer Interviews: Georgia Nolan Rose

Georgia Nolan Rose running for Women’s Officer talking about her main policies #knowyourvote

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Georgia Nolan Rose’s Manifesto:

As your potential Women’s Officer, I am dedicated to empowering our students. My policies are all gender inclusive, centre around education and community, and have a focus on intersectionality. They are split up into the three following sections:

1. Mental health and Empowerment:

  • Establish an all-gender inclusive self-help group in collaboration with the Welfare officer with a subset for self-defining women only
  • Support DSC’s campaign to lobby the union for a quiet zone and work with the Education Officer to campaign for the university to record all lectures
  • Create assertive communication and self-esteem training programmes
  • Lobby the university to make self-defence training free for all
  • Work with LGBT+ committee and counselling services to create a network of peer-to-peer support for students ‘coming out’ whilst at university.
  • Work with BME committee, Islamic circle, and Jewish society to create cultural awareness workshops in order to help prevent racist, islamophobic and anti-semitic behaviour.

2. Support for victims of sexual assault

  • Lobby the university to pilot the ‘Bystander initiative program’ with 1 academic department.
  • Continue consent training and recapping at the start of the year for academic staff
  • Create compulsory consent training for freshers
  • Lobby the university to guarantee harassers will be moved from seminar groups

3. Supporting our sports teams in tackling Lad Culture

  • Work with the Sports officer to implement training for sports clubs’ presidents to prevent and discourage discriminatory behaviour
  • Introduce disciplinary procedures for sports clubs which are not taking responsibility for their members discriminatory behaviour

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