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Women’s Officer Interviews: Hannah Holden

Hannah Holden running for Women’s Officer talking about her main policies #knowyourvote

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Hannah Holden’s Manifesto:

Hi I’m Hannah,

I am a final year student and, like most women, I have experienced sexism. I have not experienced other forms of discrimination but I am well aware of the problems minority groups face. Recently we’ve seen too many stories of women in Sheffield becoming the victims of sexual harassment/assault so this is a key focus of the changes I would like to make.

I will campaign for:

1.Consent workshops for all to increase awareness of rights and responsibilities.

2.Advertisement of the safety bus and other services that can keep women safe. My proposal is to have information on university accommodation fridges.

3.Improved lighting on Sheffield streets so everyone can feel safer wherever they walk

4.Introduce “ask for Angela” in Bar one and Interval as well as other bars around Sheffield

5.Introduce free tampons and sanitary towels in the toilets of the SU

I would also welcome hearing what your concerns are and what you want to change.


-For 2 years I have been involved with Nightline as a call taker and committee member. Now I’m a public face for the organisation. An important part of being Women’s Officer is bringing awareness of problems women and minority groups face to others, previously I have worked on the publicity team for Nightline so I understand how to create this kind of awareness.

-I’m currently researching for my dissertation on sexual harassment/assault of female students in Sheffield, a project that has given me further understanding women’s experiences.

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