Retro Corner: Final Fantasy VII

Out of all of the Final Fantasy games the one that dedicated fans reminisce about the most is 1997’s Final Fantasy VII (FFVII). With its hooking storyline, mysterious characters and enchanting theme music it is in a league of its own.

One of the best aspects of the game is the storyline: you play mysterious protagonist Cloud Strife on his journey to save the world from Sephiroth, a villain who discovers that he is a product of a vile experiment.

Memories begin to unfold as the game advances and you cannot help but applaud the amount of thought that has gone into the plot—there are no anti-climaxes here. The minor flaws of the game, such as the lack of speech, are overshadowed by the emotional and complex storyline which also includes love-triangles, sacrifices, and heroism.

Unlike earlier Final Fantasy games only three characters are able to be in the party at the same time during battle mode. This isn’t really an issue, especially when you consider the developments made, including the more realistic looking characters, introduction of Limit Breaks (one-off moves which deal more damage than normal attacks) and Materia, crystals which allow characters to use special abilities.

Of course, if you’re ever tired of battling monsters across the world map you can always resort to alternative activities and mini-games, such as Chocobo racing.

Some may overlook Final Fantasy VII, especially with the modern focus on visuals. However, the game has impressive graphics considering how long ago it was released. The cinematic cut-scenes are particularly remarkable, especially when you glance down and remember that it is a simple PS1 staring back at you.

Hardcore fans immediately recognise Nobuo Uematsu’s touch in Final Fantasy VII’s beautiful theme music which set the standard for all future Final Fantasy games to follow and that we admire so much.

FFVII is a must-play: other than the graphics (which can be excused considering its age) the game possesses the best elements of every Final Fantasy game and is strong competition even for more recent RPG releases. The fact that it is on the PS1 is not a sufficient excuse for missing out on one of the best—or even the best—Final Fantasy games out there.


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  1. Stu

    Totally agree. There’s not enough love for this game nowadays. People write it off as dated because of the visuals – without taking into account how impressive it was for the time and how little graphics affect a game anyway – and for the old style active turn based system – which beats the hell outta a lot of rpg battle systems going today. Really great game with a really great plot and cast. Awesome. Nice little bit about it.

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