Review: London 2012- The Official Videogame

2012 is a special year for Great Britain, and right now we’re all pretty het up in Olympic excitement. For a lot of us, it’s the most we’ve paid attention to sport in our entire lives. Whilst some are taking inspiration from our wonderful athletes to get onto the track and get fit – others can take their inspiration elsewhere. And where better than your trusty games console?!

The first thing to say about the London 2012 Olympic game, is that it’s better than you’d expect. London 2012 has clearly taken a step forward from previous Olympic video-games, creating a much more dynamic and generally more impressive game. Whilst button mashing is undeniably part of the gameplay, it’s really not that simple. Your speed, accuracy and ability to multitask are all tested in a great variety of ways; making the game fun, addictive and replayable.

You can choose to play through the Olympics in a campaign-like game mode, choosing two events per day for 10 days. You’ll go through a qualifying round and a final to try and win your Olympic medals, clocking up every nation’s totals along the way.

However, the main appeal of the game really feels focused on the multiplayer modes. Grab a pal, team up together or choose opposing nations and get ready to feel almost embarrassingly involved. Whether you’re running straight into every single damn hurdle or actually hitting the bullseye in archery, you might shout at the screen a few more times than you’d like to admit.

And it doesn’t get too repetitive; you’re not just competing for a gold medal. You’ll also find yourself battling to beat the Olympic and World records, as well as topping your own Personal Best. Playlists of events are simple to create, with an endless possibility of combinations (well, 7,146,019,521,000), and even the ability to save them to replay again later.

All in all, this is an impressive game. Whilst it’s possibly a little too easy against the AI (especially if you play it on Easy difficulty- WIN ALL OF THE GOLDS!!), playing against your friends is both challenging and hilarious.

You may see its shelf life pretty much ending at the closing ceremony, but the multiplayer makes it replayable beyond the Olympic Games.

Just try not to fight over who gets to be Team Gee-Bee!



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