Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Review

In the totalitarian dystopia of Albatropolis, a hero with feathers leads the resistance. The freedom-fighting Harboiled Chicken rises against the penguin regime hunting down the fearless leader Putzki. As you work your way deep through the penguin stronghold you face a number of puzzling obstacles, gunning down any penguin that gets in your way in order to collect keys to advance through the enemy lines and bring an end to the Putzki dictatorship.

Hardboiled is everything his name suggests. Hell-bent on destroying the penguin leadership, he powers his way through the enemy, quite literally forcing them into the air with a rampage of bullets. His Rambo meets Angry Birds persona makes the game a lot more interesting, the comic edge distracting from the game’s more lacking areas. As the game goes on, insights into Hardboiled’s life come through flashbacks to his childhood, when, subjected to experiments, Hardboiled gained his mighty physique, and a personal vendetta along with it.

Accompanied by the rock soundtrack from New World Revolution (appropriately named) the flashbacks are surprisingly adrenaline pumping. The drive to kill penguins as a chicken is not something you expect to be easily instilled in you; however the musical interludes make for an inspiring team-talk.

The main problem with the game is that it is limited by repetitive gameplay. The quite rigid movements of Hardboiled make the game very simple, but not vastly exciting. If you are facing your enemy, simply holding the R1 button will eventually kill them, no aiming required. This really puts a hold on the game, making destroying your opponent a question of time rather than challenge. Jetpacked gun battles and the ability to mind control the enemy penguins provide a welcome rest bite, but don’t occur often enough to cure the monotony.

This game is outrageous. Somehow, a chicken on a sole mission to destroy a fascist penguin regime brings quite a lot of enjoyment. As a concept the imagination cannot be faulted, it’s just a shame there’s not enough substance to hold you once the feathers start to fly.



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